Our Progression of Time


Winter of 2007: Mom and Dad together. Eleven years old. Dad was a liar and Mom was not happy. She filed for divorce.

            August 8th, 2008: They met. He was tall, broad, and had dark square glasses. Along with him, came his daughter younger than I. He grew closer to my family. Mom seemed happy. Don’t trust him.

Christmas morning 2011: We opened presents and they got engaged.

June 4, 2012: They said “I do.” He was permanently apart of our lives. My life.

2012: Bought me my first car. Teaches me to drive. Mom is still happy.

2014: Helps me pick my college. Takes stupid pictures with me at prom. Watches me graduate. Moves me into dorm.

2015: Apartment searches with me. Moves me into first apartment.

2016: Apartment searches with me. Buys me snow tires.

Right now: Twenty-one years old. Mom continues to be happy. Trust him completely.