March 26, 2016



We float through the house—

No, a castle more like it

A place made in nightmares

Too unreal to be real


Walls the color of night

Windows forbidding the entrance of day

This lifeless abode

Shows signs of neglect

As if those who were here

Grew bored and angry

At the beauty within



The room down the hall

Had all the joy

This room had colors and stories

All the more willing to share

There were animals, trees, patterns,

And food for all to enjoy


Lime green and yellow colors covered the walls

Birds told us tales from the trees above

Tales of adventures in far off lands

Couches made of wild designs

Platters of ripe grapes, crackers and bread

Juicy watermelon, and fancy cheeses to indulge


We danced across the room—

No, an island more like it

A place we all need

Too wonderful to be real